How Many Guests Can I Have At My Party?

By Andy Nicholls / 1st April 2021

Can My Child Have A Birthday Party During Covid?
Yes they can! Covid has been tough for so many and especially children but with government restrictions easing we are excited to say that your child can now safely party in person with their friends again!

How Many People Can I Have At My Children's Party?
With government restrictions easing at different intervals, please see the dates below to find out how many people you can safely have at your children's live party (information taken from government roadmap document*): Government Covid Response

Present Day to 16th May - 15 children (under 5's are not counted) + 15 parents indoors or outdoors

17th May to 20th June - 15 children (under 5's are not counted) + 15 parents indoors or 30 people outdoors (any combination of children and parents)

21st June Onwards - All government social restrictions removed. Please see each party page for max. attendance numbers for children. Please have as many adults as you wish!

*Outdoor clauses - 103 and 124. Indoor clause - 117.

Please note: you can have up to 99 children for all of our virtual parties.